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Codfathers Seafood

Chef Lavroff has been buying from codfathers since he started running kitchens. We believe that a high focus on the sustainability of fishing our oceans is paramount to the future of how we consume food. We will only be sourcing seafood that comes from small, independent fish boats with ethics and values that are in line with ours. Jon and his family at codfathers are leaders in this train of thought and we are So proud to be working with them.

Unearthed Farm

Jordan Marr

Chef Lavroff has worked with Jordan for years. His produce is set apart from the others in the sense that it is almost branded in its look and quality. Besides for the highest quality, what sets him apart is his undeniable work ethic.

Wise Earth Organic Farm

Wise Earth is the farm that belongs to Start Fresh. It has an incredible variety of beautiful vegetables and is the source of many staples on our menu

Start Fresh Kitchen

Not only are they our friends, but they have the most incredible grocery program in the Okanagan. You can count on start fresh for the highest quality local artisanal ingredients. They bake our gluten free bread and provide us with lots of specialty items. Make sure you give them a visit!

Mikuni Wild Harvest

We rely on Mikuni to carefully pick out the highest quality imports for us. Our citrus fruit and specialty items come from them.

Tanto Late Cheese

We were so excited to discover a local company making burrata and other soft cheeses of such high quality. Tanto Latte is here to stay on our menu.

Black Sheep Vegan Cheese

Black sheep cheese is making the best vegan cheese products we have been able to find. In many instances, we prefer it over real cheese! This is sure to give our vegan guests the cheese feeling they might be craving


Chef Lavroff has worked with Valoroso since he started cooking. We use them to source out the highest quality ingredients from Italy. The integrity of our oils is very important and we use them to source the absolute best for us.

Two Rivers Meats

By far the best meat supplier you can find. Operating out of Vancouver, we use two rivers to source the highest quality local meat you can find.